Modular buildings / container

Fast and flexible deployment

Quite often schools and day care premises need to be modified, partly renovated or simply  need to have more space provided in order to be able to accommodate and care for a growing number of children and students. This is where modular buildings come in. They are available and deployed within short time and can be dismantled very easily as well, once building measures are finished.

Transportation of the applied modules and parts is quite easy compared to the high level of logistic expenditure which is needed when organizing shipments of rigid office and accommodation containers that are often used.

The flexibility of our product allows the use within the medical field. Even operating rooms can be developed and deployed real fast including all the necessary connections for O2 supply, general power supply etc. Finally, our modular buildings serve as MESS or accommodation tents and recreation centres. If you are looking for a tailor-made solution, please send your individual request.