Mission approved solutions

fast, functional, robust

When on a mission, action forces are often confronted with situations in which fast action hast to be taken. There is not much time to discuss, it is all about pace.

This is exactly what our products provide: speed, mobility and flexibility!

Some examples:

The Mobile Treatment Unit: it can be erected within a couple of minutes – no tools are needed. Intensive care of patients, f.e. in case of MCI is possible almost right away. The roll-on/roll-off container is able to hold all necessary medical products and provides oxygene supply as well. The two Mobile Supply Containers – the basis of the treatment unit – which contain multiple drawers can be equipped with medication and other medical goods that are needed for treatment before going on a particular mission.

The Mobile Supply Container: its mobility and high flexibility is hard to match. It offers various ways of use, f.e. as mobile pharmacy, desktop, emergency cart, Roll-on/Roll-off cart or cabinet system. But no matter what your decision is – setting it up is always fast and easy. Another advantage is the fact that up to 12 containers can be stacked and secured on one Euro pallet without blocking access to the drawers.